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Why Do People Immigrate From India To Canada

Have we ever wondered Why Do People Immigrate From India To Canada? There are many reasons and factors that influence such a brain drain. With uncertainty ruling every walk of life at the global level the people in various regions like Indian subcontinent fly away to other destinations like Canadian shores in search of a stable life and career for themselves and their kin.

Canada India

The most brightly lit star on the horizon of prosperity is this North American nation which has walked a long distance in the last century and has rapidly transformed from a rural agriculture based to an urbanized economy in a matter of 50 years. But even though this country today is respected as a first world nation and an extensively industrialized industry primary sector has not yet lost its significance in terms of contribution in country. Out of the several reasons that we can actually account for the unparalleled fascination of People Of India For Canada are broadly prescribed as economic, social, administrative and security etc.


Canada ranks at a prolific 6th place in the human development index. Even being sparsely populated this country packs a punch and is one of the giant economies on the planet earth. Its GDP ranks 6 on the world scale today. The economic performance of this country has been outstanding all through these years and has actually consolidated its position in recent years. Canadian economy can be called a powerhouse that has always generated positive outcomes in every economic aspect.

Even in these times of severe economic slowdown the country’s economy has not failed its reputation and has generated a rising number of employment opportunities in every imaginable sector and domain. The country lays enormous employment prospects for skilled work force at the disposal of foreign nationals that range from primary sector to the manufacturing and service sectors. Primary sectors include agriculture, mining, logging, fisheries and oil extraction etc while the manufacturing sector has a lot more prospects that cater to wide skill set and an extensive expertise i.e. automobile, aviation, aerospace, military engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industry etc.

Like any other developed economy, Canadian economy is also characterized by a dominant service sector. This offers unprecedented level of openings for people from non technical trades. Especially people from hospitality industry, various medical professions, banking and finance and retail etc. find numerous opportunities in this country. Jobs are available in abundance in all organizational hierarchical levels. Employment is one of the major reasons Why People From India Migrate To Canada.

The salaries that can be earned by migrants are considerably higher than what people could earn in Indian context. The most critical aspect of the financial profile of any society is its social security aspect, which is very well addressed by Canadian government.

Successive Canadian governments have been migration friendly and always offered attractive schemes to the new entrants and have strived for an early integration of migrants into the social set-up of the country. Once you migrate to this country on PR you immediately come under the ambit of social security, this aspect is one of the biggest attractions for the people entering any new foreign destination.

Canadian economic set-up is an outstanding specimen of an ideal mixed economy format. With 60:40 private public stakes in the all perceptible sectors all industries and components enjoy high level of economic freedom. The economy is highly globalized and government is committed to rendering equal opportunities to all stake holders. This makes up another viable reason of preference of People Of India To Migrate To Canada.

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