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Why email marketing?

Why email marketing, reasons and counting!!! Before start counting the number of reasons why you should spend your time and money in email marketing we have to mention once more (sorry for being tedious but we truly believe in this) that everything is a process. If you have read our article about the basic sales process you will have an idea of what we mean.

You can sell anything (from your reputation to good old potatoes) but whatever you sell you must understand and know YOUR SALES PROCESS. Either if you are doing it consciously or not you have a sales process and you have to understand that not all the business has the exact same process, not all methods are good for all business. Want to know about in full details what is email marketing you can click here.

It is important to know YOUR SALES PROCESS because either if we present you 100 or 1.000 good reasons about “why to use email marketing”, maybe you do not need to use it. For example, maybe you want to sell a book for just one off, nothing else later. You make a lot of advertisements, you make the sale and bye bye my customer.

email marketing relation building

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If you are like the 99% of businesses then you need the basic step of BUILD RELATIONSHIP with your prospect-customer or with you’re existing customers. If this is the case then you need several tools to do that. You may use SOCIAL MEDIA to do it or maybe you are already using direct mail marketing. Whatever tool you are using to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your customers you must read this section of Www.Email-Marketing-Reviews.Biz if you want to understand fully “what is email marketing” and the benefits of why use email marketing.

Please keep in mind that if you are using the basic sales process then “BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS” is not an optional step, it is a basic step. You cannot proceed without this. Maybe you will decide not to do email marketing but you have to find a tool, a method to build relationships with your prospects. If you do not build relationships with your customers you will fail at the end.

Friendly advice: Before deciding anything about marketing or email marketing get to KNOW your SALES PROCESS.


In the difficult issue of BUILDING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CUSTOMER, you have a few options to select but email marketing is one of the best. We have a lot of articles explaining why using email marketing is a good option but you can get a holistic view in the diagram above.

   In the subsection of “what is email marketing” you have to understand the differences between email marketing software and email marketing services, the steps in the basic sales process and in the email marketing process, “what is opt-in”, “why email marketing works”, etc.

Email marketing services

 By using email marketing services you can easily segment your email list and target specific groups with specific offers. It is very important to understand that your email list is combined with several groups of people. Even if you sell only one thing your target clients are not all in the same mood, learning level, etc. This is a very important feature and only a few marketing methods give you the flexibility to a segment at this level and work with this. For example, you cannot segment your social media presence when you give news to your Facebook subscribers you ‘talk’ with everybody. The same when you are tweeting.

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   The most important information here from all the above information is that email marketing is a perfect tool to build relationships with your prospects or your current customers and it is one of a kind tool to use it to learn your customers. That’s why email marketing is and will stay for a lot of years one of the basic tools to the sales process.

   We hope that after reading this section of our website you will answer the questions “what is email marketing” and “why use email marketing in my business” and go to the next section where we try to answer “what are my email marketing needs?”.

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